A new level of control for X advertisers

By Élyana Thierry, Head of Brand Safety
Product updates

On X, people are free to be their true selves. And over the past 9 months, X has delivered a decade’s worth of innovation focused on creating an engaging and healthy environment where everyone, including advertisers, can connect safely. We believe free expression and platform safety are not at odds and we want to empower brands to join the conversation on their terms.

The launch of pre-bid Adjacency Controls is a great example of our commitment. More than 1,900 global advertisers now leverage this solution to avoid adjacency to undesired keywords and handles with more than a 99% efficacy rate.

This month, we are expanding our industry-leading partnerships and capabilities of Adjacency Controls to help all advertisers achieve their unique suitability needs in a more scaled and automated way. These new capabilities will work together to unlock an extended level of adjacency protection for X advertisers.

X has made tremendous progress in building brand safety tools that empower advertisers to leverage the power of their platform while curating the context in which the ads appear. Adding pre-bid meets a critical commitment made by their leadership and we are eager to implement this new feature going forward.

Jon Halvorson, SVP, Consumer Experience, Mondelez International
Expanding pre-bid brand safety & suitability with industry leaders

Since June, we’ve been conducting a review process to select third-party partners that can provide pre-bid buying tools aligned with the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) Safety & Suitability Framework

This week, we’re expanding our existing partnership with industry-leading brand safety partner, Integral Ad Sciences (IAS.) This exclusive partnership will soon offer X’s U.S. advertisers with premium, vetted inventory within the context of the GARM Safety & Suitability Framework so brands can further optimize their campaigns. These new solutions will complement our existing brand safety measurement solutions with IAS and other measurement providers. We plan to expand these solutions internationally.

By activating IAS’s pre-bid optimization solutions, marketers can ensure their campaigns prioritize only quality inventory that is brand safe and suitable. We’re proud to be the first and only pre-bid brand safety and suitability partner with X and look forward to furthering the company's commitment to transparency by giving marketers greater control through solutions that safeguard a brand's interests and drive brand equity.

Lisa Utzschneider, CEO, Integral Ad Sciences
Introducing Sensitivity Settings 

On top of current platform-wide protections, Sensitivity Settings will enable advertisers to align their brand’s messaging with content on X that meets their unique sensitivity needs.

Available now within the X Ads Manager, Sensitivity Settings is an automated solution that will help brands establish the right balance between reach and suitability when it comes to ad placement on the platform. 

Sensitivity Settings uses machine learning to reduce adjacency to varying levels of content according to a brand’s sensitivity threshold in an upcoming campaign. Brands can then select their preferred environment that best meets their individual campaign objectives.

Enhanced Blocklist for advertisers

In collaboration with industry partners, we’ve also created an automated, industry-standard blocklist that aims to protect advertisers from appearing adjacent to unsafe keywords in the Home Timeline (i.e. For You and Following). 

Our work is ongoing and these new solutions are important milestones in our continued brand safety and suitability efforts. X is committed to giving advertisers more control and transparency, and we’ll continue to keep building new capabilities for advertisers.

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