Now live: Create and launch Sales campaigns in minutes

By Myles Wagner, Marketing, and Taylor Krynock, Revenue Product Specialists
Product updates

Over the past 18 months, X has made significant improvements to our performance solutions by building state-of-the-art machine learning systems and AI capabilities. These advancements are already delivering exceptional results for our customers, and we’re just getting started.

Artificial intelligence will increasingly improve ad relevance on X and reduce time spent launching campaigns. We’ve recently introduced a simplified setup process for Sales campaigns within X’s Ads Manager, featuring fewer steps and utilizing our robust AI capabilities to target the people most likely to purchase from your business. 

With this streamlined interface, all you have to do is select your conversion event (such as “purchase”), set your daily ad budget, and input your desired demographic targeting for gender, age and location. That’s it. This new flow enables you to create and launch effective campaigns in just a few minutes. 

Our AI-powered Optimized Targeting feature is activated by default for Sales campaigns. This allows X’s algorithms to reach people beyond your targeted audience when there’s potential to achieve better ROI. In beta testing, we observed an average increase of 10% in click-through rates and an average increase of 16% in conversion rates1. Consequently, 92% of advertisers are seeing improved results and have chosen to keep Optimized Targeting enabled.

We’ve also introduced a new cost estimate feature which provides a projected range of what your CPM (cost per 1k impressions) may be for Sales campaigns. This helps you to make informed decisions to reach your campaign goals. The values displayed are estimates only; the actual CPM of your campaign may vary.

X’s algorithms and AI capabilities grow more powerful each day, enhancing the relevance of your ads and boosting your ROI. Launch a Sales campaign on X today to drive purchases and grow your business.

Source 1: X Internal. Optimized Targeting Beta Results. Global. 

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