How to increase Twitter engagement organically

By Brian Peters
Best practices
Increase organic engagement

Learning how to increase Twitter engagement organically might seem like a monumental task as a brand. With more and more content being produced every day, consumers are continually saturated with content overload. 

But with content overload comes a high demand for quality, engaging content on Twitter. There lies your brand's opportunity to leave your mark. Here are five strategies to increase your Twitter engagement organically.

Tweet like a real person

One of my favorite exercises for brands to complete is to look at your last 25-50 Tweets with a critical eye and ask the following questions:

  • Do they read as if they come from your brand or a robot?
  • Are they random and disjointed?
  • Is there a central, human voice?
  • Is it apparent what your brand is all about?

Australian skincare brand @frank_bod, for example, showcases their products as if it were one friend talking to another.

In order to develop a brand voice that people remember and that helps increase engagement, you need to speak their language. In other words, Tweet like a real person.

Keep your Tweets relevant

Utilizing engaging media content such as GIFs, videos, and memes will help to improve your organic Twitter engagement immediately.

One easy way to generate ideas and create great video content is to monitor what's popular across top accounts on Twitter or keep an eye on what's trending.

@allmodern Tweets engaging video content to provide unique DIY projects and hacks that their audience (and target market) can try at home.

You can also utilize Twitter analytics, which provides a ton of useful information that can help you create meaningful Tweets that will resonate with your target audience.

Experiment with your Twitter voice

Experiment and test different tones to see what gets the most engagement. Do this by establishing guardrails for how you will experiment and what is and isn't appropriate for your brand.

Men's wellness brand @wearehims tests their tone of voice with this current and funny Tweet.

Some brands are friendly, while others are funny. Some brands are sarcastic, while others are serious. Consider how you want your brand to come across on Twitter, create a strategy, and experiment within that range.

Create a community through active engagement

Increasing your Twitter engagement organically means more than just posting more content. It also involved creating a community and actively engaging with that community on a daily (or weekly) basis.

People appreciate hearing back from a brand when they've reached out on Twitter. Believe it or not, a good reply can be just as (or more) successful than a good Tweet. Learn more strategies around responding to customer mentions on Twitter.

Tweet with your audience's needs first 

This is something that all brands need to hear: Not every Tweet needs to contain a link or call-to-action. Creating content solely for engagement can have long-term positive impacts on your overall Twitter success.

Food brand @Pipsnacks Tweets content that is aimed to get their followers to like, comment, and share.

Experimenting with different types of content on Twitter is critical to understanding what will resonate with your audience most. Start your journey with our organic Tweets starter kit.

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