X Ads pricing

Whether you’re a small business or a large brand, X Ads campaigns can be customized to accommodate your budget. There is no minimum spend required for X Ads, and you always have complete control over how much you want your campaigns to spend.

Plan your budget by learning more about billable actions, auctions, and bids.

Watch this video to learn the basics of the X Ads pricing and auction model, our bid types, and what exactly you pay for:

Billable actions

What you will be charged for depends on the campaign objective and ad group goal you choose. Each campaign objective and ad group goal combination has a different billable action, and you’re only charged when that action occurs. In other words, billable actions are what you pay for.

For example, when you choose the website traffic objective, you will only be charged when someone clicks the link to your website. A link click is the billable action of the website traffic campaign objective.

Learn the billable actions for each campaign objective.




The price you’ll pay per billable action is not a fixed rate. Our ads serve on an auction system, where all advertisers bid on available ad space for the audience they want to reach.

How much you pay for your campaigns will depend on factors including:

  1. How engaging your ad is
  2. The size of your targeted audience
  3. How many other advertisers are also targeting that particular audience
  4. How much you bid

In general, audiences in high demand will require higher bids to serve. Learn more about how your targeting criteria affects how ads serve.




A bid represents how much you’re willing to pay for the billable action(s) for the objective you’ve selected.

When your campaign starts, it enters the X Ads auction. There it will compete against other advertisers targeting the same audience. The ad will serve based on factors including the relevance of your ads to your targeted audience, and the bid you set. The advertiser with the higher bid generally has a greater chance of winning the auction and having their ad serve.

Learn more about setting a competitive bid and the different bid types

In addition to your bid, you can set a campaign budget for the total amount you want to spend.



Frequently asked questions

How much do X Ads cost?

How much you pay in your campaigns is up to you. By setting up your budget during the campaign setup, you can control the amount you'll be charged. Learn how to set your campaign dates and budget.

The price of each billable action in your campaign is not a fixed rate, as our campaigns are priced in an auction model. The targeting, creatives, and bid you select in your campaign setup will help determine how much each billable action costs. 

We recommend setting your campaign budget to an amount you're comfortable spending, and then follow our campaign optimization guides to reach your goal price per action. 

Learn more on why your campaigns might not be receiving impressions.

What are the billable actions of each campaign?

Each campaign objective and ad group goal are specialized to achieve a different outcome, so you can select the one that aligns the most with what you want to achieve. Remember, each campaign has a different billable action and you're only charged when a user makes that action.

Learn how to set up or optimize each of our campaign objectives. 

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