Amplify Sponsorships

Monetize premium video through direct sales.

With hundreds of premium media partners across sports, news, and entertainment, Amplify Sponsorships are the best way to amplify and monetize your most premium content on X, including live video, video clips, and other storytelling formats like Sponsored Moments.

Sponsorships are the best way to drive meaningful reach and revenue for your brand and deliver premium alignment for advertisers who want to reach your audience.

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Drive revenue

Industry-leading revenue sharing delivers real value to publishers.

Grow distribution

Advertisers amplify your content across X via Promoted Posts.

Features & functionality


Premium video

Develop a premium video package that brings your storytelling expertise to life through a combination of live video and video clips. 


Exclusive sponsorship

One-to-one sponsorships pair your video content with pre-roll from exclusive advertisers as well as more customized branding opportunities.


Relevant storytelling

The most successful sponsorships leverage publisher content and ad creative that aligns around a unified theme.


Innovative formats

Add different layers of storytelling to your Sponsorship on X with Moments, Auto-Reply Campaigns, or Sponsored Q&A to engage more deeply with audiences.


Content Promotion

The full value of the sponsorship is invested in Promoted Posts to connect publisher content with new audiences across X.

How Amplify Sponsorships Work


Join X’s Amplify Publisher Program.


Develop a content package with X.


Bring the sponsorship to life with an advertising partner.