Introducing X Ads Academy

By Myles Wagner, Marketing
Product updates

We’re thrilled to introduce X Ads Academy, a comprehensive e-learning platform designed to help businesses and marketers create effective ad campaigns on X in no time. Whether you're new to advertising or looking to refine your skills, X Ads Academy offers courses and learning paths tailored to your needs.

For everyone from professional marketers to small business owners, X Ads Academy will help you connect with X’s uniquely receptive, influential, and affluent user base. Beginners can follow step-by-step tutorials to build optimized campaigns that drive sales and maximize your return on investment.

Professional marketers can now become certified in X Ads by completing our focused learning paths and passing assessments. You'll earn badges that you can showcase on platforms like X and LinkedIn to demonstrate your expertise and boost your career. X Ads Academy is the perfect tool to help you build best-in-class campaigns that stand out on the timeline and generate measurable results for your brand.

At launch, we offer 31 courses and 4 certifications in English. Master the fundamentals of Ads Manager, explore creative best practices, and implement conversion tracking - all at your fingertips.

X is at the forefront of innovation, continually enhancing our products with AI and bringing our users new utility. X Ads Academy ensures you stay current with the latest updates and features, as content is updated in real-time.

New courses and certifications are on the way. Start your journey to becoming an X Ads expert today by enrolling at

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