X is primed for #Paris2024 — it’s time to go for gold 🥇

By Bruna Piovesan, Global Marketing
Trends and insights

The most iconic sporting event in the world is set to begin on July 26th: the 2024 Paris Olympics. And, if recent sporting events conversation tells us one thing, there’s no substitute for X in real-time moments that matter. All signs point to the most monumental yet on X.

X is home to sports fans

There are over half-a-million of the most influential people in the world on X, and they love sports.  In fact, 6 in 10 sports fans use X, which is 20% more sports fans than other platforms. And what’s more, the event transcends the sports audience because it’s one of the biggest cultural moments that unites people from all over the world. In less than 30 days, it will unfold in real time on X for everyone to see — and for every brand to be part of. Anticipation is growing, and so is the volume of conversation. 

An unmatched fan experience powered by video, real-time conversation and AI 

X is a video-first platform. Today, 4 out of 5 user sessions include video… and we have seen growth in both time spent watching video and video views.  

And as our users increasingly lean into video, we’re proud to be introducing new video products that are further transforming the content viewing from an isolated behavior into a dynamic experience where conversation and viewing happen together — and we're leveraging AI to serve content to consumers safely and effectively. 

As we continue building a better consumption experience, we create even more opportunities for brands to connect with their audience during big moments like the Olympics, in the authentic and real-time ways that only this platform can deliver.

Brands are going for the gold

Across the world, businesses will be participating in event-related conversations on X to supercharge their TV reach, campaign impact, and drive action from customers. 


  • TV 🩷X: It’s no secret that X is the second screen — and the first scroll during big moments. By campaigning on X, you get incremental reach beyond TV, especially among the younger, hard-to-reach audiences. 
  • Campaigning on X = more impact During the Super Bowl, we compared engagement results from brands that advertised on X versus brands that posted only organically. Brands with ad campaigns on X achieved 16x more engagement than organic posts. 
  • Get your customers to act Take this opportunity to reach our unique, captivated audience to drive results for your brand — no matter your campaign goals. For example, people on X are more likely to buy products from brands they’ve seen advertised compared to people not on X.


It’s not too late to join the action.

For brands considering whether to jump off the sidelines and join the conversation, X offers a variety of advertising products to help brands connect with our engaged audience. From Takeovers ads to custom executions, there are numerous ways to connect your brand with the excitement of the 2024 Olympics.

One of the most powerful ways for brands to create a more interactive and memorable video viewing experience for fans is through X’s premium video offering, Amplify, which enables brands to run pre-roll video against official, brand safe content from official broadcasters around the world including NBCU, GOAL and Hearst (UK/EMEA), RMC Sport, French Television (FR), BeinSport (MENA), Globo (BR), Televisa (MX), Dentsu (JP), Nine Network (AU). 

It’s almost game time. Who’s in?

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to be part of the action on X. Connect with us to learn more about advertising your brand during the biggest moment of the year on X. 

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