Inappropriate content

What is the policy?

X prohibits ads that contain inappropriate content globally. While all content on X is subject to the X Rules, we place additional restrictions on advertising content.

Categories of content we consider inappropriate for advertising include:

Offensive content
  • Ads must not promote content that is disrespectful or offensive towards an individual or a group. Examples:
    • Content that is inflammatory, provocative, incites anger or violence
    • Content that seeks to exploit to gain unfair advantage
    • Content that is offensive, abusive, demeaning, intimidating or bullying against an individual or a group
Inappropriate Content
  • Ads must not promote content that is inappropriate for the general audience. Examples:
    • Content that promotes violence
    • Vulgar and profane content 
    • Distasteful content
    • Dangerous content or content likely to cause injury or harm
Harmful Weight Loss Content
  • Ads must not promote weight loss content that impacts physical and mental health and body image. Examples:
    • Content that is reasonably considered to 'body-shame' the customer
    • Content that encourages, glamorizes, or promotes unhealthy or unsafe eating behaviors or eating disorders
Sensitive Event
  • Ads must not profit or exploit a sensitive event / topic such as natural/industrial disasters, violent attacks etc. that have significant social or political impact. Examples:
    • Content that promotes hashtag appropriation, solicits followers, sells goods / services or other inappropriate content while referencing a sensitive event. Also, refer to Eligibility Policy on Sensitive Events

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What do advertisers need to know about this policy?

Review our guidelines and make sure you understand the requirements for your brand and business. You are responsible for all your promoted content on X. This includes complying with applicable laws and regulations regarding advertisements.

If you are an advertiser whose account or Posts are under review and you would like to check on the status or request an expedited review, please log in to and file a support ticket using the Help button in the top right corner of your ads dashboard.

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