Post engager targeting

People come to X to see what’s happening and what people are talking about right now. When an audience sees or engages with a brand’s content, it’s beneficial from an ROI standpoint to re-target that same audience.

This unique remarketing feature allows you to:

  1. Move prospects down the funnel. Reach an audience that's been exposed to or engaged with your posts with a call-to-action campaign that moves them further down the conversion funnel.
  2. Increase return on ad spend. Target an audience that's engaged with your posts from a specific campaign and are most likely to convert with your campaign objective.
  3. Follow up with responsive prospects. Reach the most interested prospects by re-marketing promotions and special offers to your most engaged posts.

How it works

The post engager targeting option is available in the targeting section of each ad group.

In order to re-target for a specific post, please make sure that the original campaign only contains the one specific post. Then choose “posts from specific campaigns” under “post type” to select that campaign.

Targetable engagements

You can target all positive engagements, promoted or organic, including impressions, likes, reposts, video views, detail view, image expands, link clicks (URL or hashtag), profile clicks, post shares, poll clicks, and more.

Video engagement & retargeting

All engagement on video (3 seconds in 100% viewability; 2 seconds in 50% viewability; people that have clicked on the post or video) are eligible, as well as people who started a video, watched 50% of a video, or watched 100% of a video.

Lookback windows

You can only retarget an audience within a certain lookback window after they've viewed or engaged with a post. 

  • Organic impressions only: 15 days
  • Promoted impressions only: 30 days
  • Organic engagements only (includes video view engagements): 45 days
  • Promoted engagements only (includes video view engagements): 90 days

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