How to create a Direct Message experience on X

What are Direct Messages?

Direct Messages are a unique business solution that allows brands to move conversations with customers from the public platform to private messages to provide more personalized support. Direct Messages are configured through the use of Conversation Buttons, which are standard ad features with customizable buttons that can be paired with Image or Video Ads. This is the best way to promote your brand’s chatbot in Direct Messages to a broad audience on X.

Currently, Direct Messages can be used in Promoted Ads and video views objectives. They can support up to 4 buttons, each of which directs users to a different part of your chatbot via different welcome messages. A welcome message is an entry point into a Direct Message conversation with a pre-set message that people see and can respond to, even when you may not have the ability to send a Direct Message to that person. This first message should greet them and guide them to the best ways to interact with the chatbot. Your chatbot developer will create the welcome messages for your chatbot.

Direct Messages are currently unavailable for self-serve advertisers. Please follow @XBusiness for updates when this feature is available.


How to build a Direct Message chatbot on X

X provides free APIs for all of the Direct Messaging features that enable you to build chatbots in Direct Messages.

There are two paths for creating a chatbot:

  • Use a vendor. These range from self-service chatbot creation tools to full-service chatbot agencies. You can ask your X Account Manager for a list and recommendations of companies who can build Direct Message chatbots on X.

  • Build in-house. If you have internal development resources, find how to get started and the necessary technical resources in our developer documentation. For technical assistance, refer to the developer forum.
How to create a Conversation Button

Before you can create a Conversation Button (which is what is used to enable the Direct Message experience), you must have a chatbot in X Direct Messages. 

  1. Log into your X Ads account and navigate to Creatives > Cards

  2. Click "Create Card" and select either image or video Direct Message Card

  3. Upload or select your media: image or video

  4. Indicate the number of buttons (i.e. calls-to-action) you want. You can have up to 4

  5. Enter the text for each button. Emojis are supported

  6. Enter the Welcome Message ID for each button. If you don't know your welcome message ID(s), you can get them from your chatbot developer

  7. Enter your card name and create the Direct Message Card.

Welcome Message IDs are required to create Direct Messages. If you don’t have one, you first need to create a chatbot on X. Your chatbot partner will generate a Welcome Message ID for each button.

Get the creative specs for Conversation Buttons.

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