Time zones on X Ads FAQs

Which time zone will my campaign run in?

Your campaigns will run in the time zone you selected during your account setup. 


Can I set campaigns to run in different time zones?

Currently, there is no way to customize time zones per campaign, and all of your campaigns must run in the same time zone.


How do I customize the time zone for my analytics dashboard?

Analytics dashboards are set to your billing time zone. This is clearly highlighted within each dashboard and cannot be customized. Learn more about X analytics dashboards.


How do I change the time zone of my analytics account?

1. Submit a support ticket by visiting ads.x.com/help

2. From there, our ads support team will create a new ads account in addition to your existing X Ads account.

3. Log into your X Ads account.

4. Select the desired country and time zone. Please note that the country determines your bidding and billing currency. Unfortunately, time zones are not changeable on existing ads accounts once they're set. 

Please note if you had campaigns on the existing account, you will need to pause or stop those campaigns to prevent future charges from accruing. Customers are responsible for charges accrued in all X Ads accounts associated with their handle, irrespective of time zone or currency settings. 

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