Media Studio Producer

Launch professionally produced live broadcasts, schedule and promote them all directly within Media Studio.

Make X part of your live video distribution strategy with Media Studio Producer. Whether you’re looking to Post live broadcasts or clip highlights from them, this simple interface within Media Studio makes it easy to bring your content to X. Learn more about Producer’s features: going live, scheduling broadcasts ahead of time, and clipping the best moments using LiveCut.

Go live

Create professional live broadcasts on X.

Schedule broadcasts

Plan your live stream and promote it in advance.

Clip highlights

Clip the best moments from your live broadcasts.

Features & functionality


Launch a live broadcast

Create high-quality live broadcasts on X. Self-service live streams make it easier to reach a wider audience.

  • Self-service, professional live streams
  • Compatible with certain external encoding hardware or software
  • Track performance with live analytics
  • Monetize your live broadcasts

How to go live

  1. Navigate to the Producer tab
  2. Select a new or existing source, configure your encoder, and start streaming
  3. Create broadcast, publish, and Post

Broadcast scheduling

Use broadcast scheduling to ensure that your audience sees your broadcast the instant it happens, without missing a moment. Plan your live stream and promote it in advance, giving audiences a wider window of time to discover your content.

  • Plan and promote live broadcasts in advance
  • Start conversation around your broadcasts
  • Schedule private broadcasts to test events before they go live

How to schedule a broadcast

  1. Navigate to the Producer tab, create a broadcast and specify a start time
  2. Upload an image before you go live and Post a link to your (pre-live) broadcast
  3. Ensure you’re streaming your source; the slate image will flip to the live broadcast at the time you scheduled


Clip the best moments from your broadcast to share across your social platforms instantaneously.

  • Create instant highlights from any X broadcast
  • Drive revenue by opting clips into Amplify Pre-roll or Sponsorships
  • Measure performance of your clips
  • Edit from anywhere in the cloud

How to edit with LiveCut

  1. Navigate to the Broadcast tab in Producer and select the broadcast you want to clip
  2. Click Edit in LiveCut to start clipping
  3. View highlights in the Clips list and Post