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Increase your video views and brand recall

People come to X with a discovery mindset, and relevant, fresh videos are the perfect way to catch their eye. Video Views campaigns extend the reach of your videos and help brands drive awareness with efficient, quality views. These campaigns also foster connections with customers who are more likely to engage and watch your video with all kinds of media-friendly formats including native video, GIFs, and live video.

Video Views campaign

Best practices

For Video Views campaigns, we recommend these top-performing ad formats:

  • Video Ads
  • Video Ads with Website Buttons
  • Video Ads with Conversation Buttons
  • Video Ads with Polls
  • Carousel Ads

We recommend using 3+ ad formats when possible to drive greater results. 

According to EyeSee research, videos optimized for X using our best practices drive an increase of +33% in emotional engagement. And here's some of those best practices:

  • Keep videos at 15 seconds or less to maximize branding impact
  • Grab attention quickly with movement or talent in the first few seconds
  • Incorporate clear logo placement and persistent branding
  • Include captions or another sound-off strategy

Make sure your copy and CTAs are also short, sweet, and complement your video creative. 

X offers four video bid types, with their own tradeoffs and benefits:

  • With the 15s view bid type, you can optimize for longer views and higher completion rates. This unit is billed on a CPM and uses a prediction model to try to deliver 15s or completed views, whichever comes first
  • With the 2s/50% bid type, you can maximize your reach at a lower cost with a standard view
  • With the 6s/50% bid type, you pay for a longer, more premium view
  • With the 3s/100% bid type, you ensure complete viewability of your creative and its elements

Here are our top tips to help you set a bid and budget that maximizes your results within your price range: 

  • Use automatic bid to get the best results at the lowest price
  • Set your bid based on the value you place on each extra video view
  • Match your bid to your targeting size. If you're targeting very specific audience groups, you may have to increase your bid to compete and serve

Getting valuable views is crucial to campaign success, and that starts with finding the right audiences to target. With the Video Views objective, you get access to X's industry-leading targeting features including conversation and event targeting, look-alikes and custom audience targeting, and more.

You can also use the Post Engager retargeting feature to target people who have seen with, engaged, or completed your previous video posts.

We also recommend setting frequency caps per ad group to optimize ad delivery and maximize reach against your target audience at the optimal exposure level.

Once your campaign is live, you can track real-time results in your Ads Manager dashboard. Important metrics to track include cost per video view, video views, total spend, total audience reach, and video completions.

You can also run measurement studies depending on the goals you want to achieve including brand surveys, incremental reach measurement, viewability reporting, and marketing mix modeling.

Videos feature regularly on our feed as we find these are a great way to tell a story. We then turn these videos into [X Ads] campaigns to increase our reach and grow our following.

Tim Gaudion, Director at Karl Taylor Education