Quick replies

Use quick replies for fast, structured responses. Quick replies let businesses prompt people with simple, guided ways to reply to a Direct Message, by choosing from a list of options or prompts to enter specific text values. This enables businesses to create seamless, automated experiences that makes resolving problems and engaging with customers fast and easy. Quick replies can be used by select partners using the Direct Message API.

There are two different types of quick replies. You must choose one; they cannot be used in conjunction:

  • Options lists: This allows a business to select and present someone with a set of options to reply to a business with structured and expected responses. You can include a maximum of 20 options.
  • Text input: This allows businesses to display hint text in the Direct Message text field that prompts someone to provide a response the business is expecting.
How does it work?

When a business sends a message through an approved partner, they have the option of including quick replies attached to the message that will be shown to people on X. Messages using quick replies will include metadata that the business included on the message they sent. This structure makes it easy to create multi-step flows to resolve problems.

When quick replies and welcome messages are used in conjunction, people can be guided to provide information a business needs to help with an issue before a person has time to read the first message, enabling much faster and easier resolutions.

Can I make quick replies myself?

Currently the only way to create quick replies is through an approved ecosystem partner. Please reach out to your solution provider for access.

How many characters can I put in the options list?

There are two parts to each option in a list. The first line is required and is the option name. The second and third lines are the description. Each line can contain a maximum of 36 characters, so the option name can be 36 characters and the description can be a total of 72 characters across both lines.

Where do I find ecosystem solutions that have access to this feature?

Here is a list of partners who have integrated these features into their products at launch. Others may have created functionality since then, so please inquire with your account manager if none of those options work for you.

How do I get access to the new Direct Message developer tools?

The developer tools that power these features are currently in private beta. If you’re a developer and are interested in building these types of solutions in Direct Messages, you can sign up and apply for access here.

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