App Activity Custom Audiences

App Activity Audiences, one of three types of Custom Audiences, are built from mobile app events that are provided from a mobile tracking partner. People who have taken a specific action in your app, such as install or sign up, are then added to the Custom Audience which you can re-target in campaigns. To set up App Activity Audiences from mobile apps, you must be working with a mobile app conversion tracking partner

This precise targeting option is a great way to leverage existing app users and drive in-app conversions. 


Create your App Activity and App Activity Combination Audiences

You must first have mobile app conversion tracking integrated into your ads account, which can be set up in the Tools > Conversion tracking > Mobile app events tab.

  1. Make sure your mobile tracking partner is correctly integrated to your ads account. Consult your tracking partner's documention for setup.
  2. Create a mobile app event in your tracking partner dashboard. Once this is created, it'll automatically send to your X Ads account. You will not create your mobile event in your X Ads account. 
  3. Confirm the event you created is showing in the Tools > Conversion Tracking tab.
  4. If all of the above are correct, your App Activity Audience will automatically populate in your Audiences tab.

Until your Custom Audience from mobile apps has collected 100 X users, it'll show as "Audience too small" in your Audiences tab. Your Audience will change to "Ready" once it's large enough, after which you can use it for targeting in campaigns. 

How do I build an App Activity Combination Audience?

App Activity Combination audiences allow you to combine multiple App Activity Audiences, and set time conditions on them. They allow you to target hyper-relevant user buckets, helping you drive your app's final action. Please note you can not create App Activity Combination audiences out of non-mobile app-based Custom Audiences.

  1. Go to Tools > Audiences > App Activity Combination

  2. Fill out the conditions. You can choose from your existing mobile app events, and combine or exclude them. 

  3. Create your App Activity Combination audience!


Use your App Activity Audience

To target the users on your App Activity or App Activity Combination Audiences within your campaign, navigate to the "Custom audiences" section of campaign setup. 

Use the carrot next to each audience type to find and select the Custom Audience you want to target. 

Keep in mind that even though all Custom Audiences show up, only those in "Ready" serving status will properly target users in your campaign.


Frequently asked questions

My audience isn't appearing in my X Ads account

App Activity Audiences require you to work with one of our mobile tracking partners. You need to link your X Ads account to your mobile tracking partner through that tracking partner's documentation. If you're having trouble, we recommend reaching out to their support team, as X Ads Support cannot assist with linking accounts to mobile conversion partners. 

What mobile conversion tracking partners can I work with?

Our mobile conversion tracking measurement options are:

How do I change whether audience collection is enabled for an existing mobile app event?

In the mobile app events tab of the conversion tracking page, you can see whether or not audience collection is enabled for each event in the re-marketing settings column. Click "Edit" for the event you want to change, and in the re-marketing settings section, select or deselect the “Create a Custom Audience”.



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