How a Swiss-based sportswear brand leveraged Website Conversions Optimization to boost sales and lower their cost-per-purchase.

On is a Switzerland-based sportswear brand founded in 2010 by a former Ironman champion to “revolutionize the sensation of running”. On designs running shoes and performance sportswear favored by athletes around the world.

An On + X Success Story


How can On optimize their campaigns to efficiently increase conversions among shoppers on X and lower their cost-per-purchase?


X's new Website Conversions Optimization (WCO) strategy drives a 25% decrease in median cost-per-conversion for campaigns using Website Conversions Optimization vs. campaigns with Website Traffic Objective.1


The On team implemented X’s new Website Conversions Optimization strategy to drive more efficient lower funnel conversions among shoppers on X. In just 2 weeks, the team saw a 93% increase in purchases, and a 48% lower cost-per-purchase, when compared to campaigns using the old Conversions Optimization.2


  • Image Website Cards
  • Collection Ads
  • Carousels
  • Website Conversions Optimization

With the objective of always looking for performance improvement and opportunities, we tried the new WCO to further maximize our returns on X. With the new conversion optimization, we saw a significant improvement in the cost-effectiveness of many KPIs, which led to a higher return on investment. We will now expand the adoption of this new objective across other markets and campaigns in considering its positive outcome.

David Gonzalez, Paid Social Manager, On

Website Conversions Optimization

What’s New?

The New Website Conversions Optimization (WCO) goal is a better way to reach people who are most likely to convert on a lower-funnel website action (e.g., purchase or add-to-cart).

Target Lower Funnel Goals

Leverage event-based optimization to drive your business objective – purchases, leads, downloads, and more. 

Improve Campaign Efficiency

The new Website Conversions goal and CPM-based impressions billing model provides more flexibility to find qualified impressions to drive lower cost-per-conversion and improved campaign pacing.

Website Conversions Optimization drove a 25% decrease in median cost-per-conversion when compared to campaigns using Website Traffic Objective.1

To learn more about Website Conversions Optimization, check out our dedicated page.

1. 9 advertisers using Website Conversions Optimization within Conversions Objective compared to 9 advertiser website campaigns using Website Conversions within Traffic Objective. Advertiser-run A/B tests conducted from October 11th - November 4th, 2022, commissioned by Twitter and run with Twitter oversight.

2. Twitter Ads Manager | Date range: Nov 18 - Dec 2 | Data was pulled as of Dec 5

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