Advertiser credits and coupons

We offer credits (also called coupons) to selected advertisers who meet our eligibility criteria to test and audit our X Ads products.

If you've been offered a coupon through one of our partner programs, the coupon amount will show in your ads account in the "Payment methods" tab. 

How they work

If you're part of a program where participants were given an advertising coupon, you first must add a credit or debit card to your X Ads account. Then, make sure you're logged into the X account you want to add the coupon to, and click the "Add coupon" link in the coupon confirmation email you received.

Your payment card will be automatically charged for any amount your campaigns serve over the amount of the original coupon credit. Your advertiser coupon funds will always be charged first before your payment card.

To help manage your advertiser credit, we will send you an email when your ad credit is close to 80% exhausted. To view your total billable activity to date, navigate to "Spend metrics" > "Budget" on your ads dashboard.


How will my coupon show on my invoice?

Your coupon balance will always be used first before your active payment card. You can see this in your "Billing history" tab, where each Transaction ID on which coupon credit was used will show as "Credited".  

How can I get an advertiser credit/coupon?

We offer advertiser coupons to certain advertisers as part of pilot programs. Unfortunately you cannot request access at this time. You can fund your X Ads campaigns using credit or debit cards


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