Billing invoices

You can access your invoices in the "Billing history" tab of your ads account. You'll be issued an invoice once each billing period, 48 hours after you've been charged.


Your invoice includes:

  1. Name and billing address
  2. Invoice number: this is a unique ID for your invoice to help you identify and manage your billing
  3. Invoice date: date the invoice was issued to you
  4. Billing period: the date range of your charges. All spend between these dates will be included on the invoice
  5. Date: the date on which each campaign accrued spend
  6. Description: a short description of the ads product purchased (i.e., promoted ads)
  7. VAT or tax amount: this is subject to your location's tax rates
  8. Total including VAT: the total charged for the billing period

How often will I be invoiced?

Starting June 22, 2023 we will begin a transition to implement changes to improve our credit card billing process. Our billing system will automatically charge your primary payment method whenever you reach your credit limit. If your campaigns end and you have no spend for 3 days, we will charge your card for the remaining balance.

During this several-week transition, advertisers already using X will continue to be charged under the previous guidelines until your account is updated. Under those guidelines, X will automatically bill*:

  • once you have spent at least 25% of your credit limit or

  • once you have spent $500 or more or

  • every 7 days or

  • the last day of the month

whichever happens first.

*Total spend must be above the minimum billing threshold
*Our billing process may take up to 2 days to complete and for your card to be charged
*Invoice totals may include applicable taxes
*Billing logic and thresholds may change without prior notice

Example 1: if your credit limit is $200 and your campaigns spend $50 or more in one day, you will be charged within 2 days once our billing has processed. 

Example 2: if your credit limit is $200 and your campaigns spend less than $50 over 7 days, you will be charged within 2 days of Day 7 once our billing has processed.



Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum spend to be invoiced?

There is no minimum on what you can be charged or invoiced on X Ads. You will be charged for the amount you spend at least once every 7 days. 

Can I change the details on my invoice?

Unfortunately past invoices cannot be modified. Information will remain as is on existing PDFs, even if tax or billing info is changed. It is not possible to re-issue these invoices, but future invoices will show the updated information.

What address will appear on my invoice?

The address on your invoice will be the billing address we have on file on your account under Account settings > Tax information > Business contact information. Please note this may not be the same billing address as your default payment card. If you would like to update this address, you may do so following the same path on your ads account page.

If you are in a VAT eligible country and: 

  • You selected "personal account" during setup, the billing address of your payment card will appear. 
  • You selected "business account" during setup, the billing address of your business payment card will appear.

If you are not in a VAT eligible country, there is no requirement to categorize your ads account between "business" and "personal".



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