Campaign setup

General setup

  • Campaigns 101
    Get the overview of our campaign types, bidding, and more.
  • Campaign dates and budget
    Learn how to set a campaign launch date and pace your campaign by controlling its budget.
  • Campaign targeting
    Learn about the different types of targeting available for X Ads campaigns.
  • Creative ad specifications
    See the specifications for character limit and image size/dimensions for different X ad formats.
  • Frequency caps
    Learn how to use Frequency caps to optimize your ad delivery and maximize reach against your target audience at the optimal exposure level.
  • Ads Manager
    Learn the ins and outs of your campaign analytics dashboard.
  • What to post
    Learn how you can show highly-targeted and personalized messages to your customers based on the products they view on your website and other unique interest signals from X.
  • Direct Messages on X
    Learn more about how to create a Direct Message experience and how it can help you promote your chatbot on X.
  • Ad naming
    Learn how to leverage ad naming to better manage and report on your campaigns.
  • Spend Caps
    Learn how Spend Caps can help you manage a shared budget across a group of campaigns.
  • Campaign Planner
    Learn how Campaign Planner can
    help forecast your campaign results before launching.

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